NO to NetPromoter!

We are being lied to! Say NO to NetPromoter because it is NOT anonymous!

What's The Scoop?

The NetPromoter survey is hosted and delivered by Medallia, the same company that hosts the survey our customers can answer at the bottom of their receipts.

Medallia sends every employee an email on behalf of Employee Engagement. This email contains a unique link code to determine whether or not you participate or decline. This code could be cross-referenced to a list of who was sent which code. Thus, the responses could be matched up to the employee that provided them.

We have heard from many workers that they were contacted by various levels of leadership regarding their response to the survey. How could they be identified if the survey is "completely anonymous"? Also, the survey has no clear way to explicitly express permission for an identity to be associated with a survey.

Do I Respond To The Email?

It's up to you if you want to submit the survey and know that your responses can be traced back to you. It's also up to you if you want to click the Decline button, but they will know YOU declined.

I Still Want To Share Anonymous Feedback

If you would like to tell Apple your thoughts but want to ensure your privacy, you can fill out the survey here and we will forward the responses directly on your behalf!

NetPromoter for Our People - ANONYMOUS

Your message below will go directly to Apple. We don't know who you are and neither will Apple, unless you explicitly identify yourself in your message.

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